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ConocoPhillips' obligations are for the long-term, not just for this quarter or this year. These obligations demand that we adhere to the highest professional, industry and personal ethics. We will build on our history of integrity so that people will have an abiding trust in the company and our employees; they will know they can count on us.

Our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, as approved by the Board of Directors and management, summarizes the standards of ethical conduct and compliance with the law expected of directors, employees, contractors and other individuals who work on the company’s behalf. Our individual business actions affect how our stakeholders view ConocoPhillips as a company; therefore, it is important to read this Code and to develop a working knowledge of the laws and regulations that affect your job.

Our reputation and integrity depend upon each of us assuming a personal responsibility for our business conduct. We expect our employees and contractors to speak out when they see ethical lapses. You may report ethical violations in confidence and without fear of retaliation. If your situation requires that your identity be kept secret, your anonymity will be protected. ConocoPhillips does not permit retaliation of any kind for good faith reports of ethical violations.

Thank you for your continued commitment to upholding the reputation of ConocoPhillips around the world.

This is NOT an emergency service. Emergencies should be reported through the appropriate emergency call centers and/or your local authorities.

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