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Ethics and Compliance Reporting System

Tapestry, Inc. has established this website, maintained by EthicsPoint (an independent reporting service), to provide the company, all of its brands and subsidiaries, with a forum to hear your concerns or reports of misconduct. Through this site, employees, business partners and members of the general public may report their concerns confidentially and, if desired, anonymously.

All reports submitted using this website are received directly by EthicsPoint and then routed to the appropriate persons within Tapestry, who will ensure that each report is handled in a professional manner.  Any report relating to Tapestry’s accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters will be referred to Tapestry’s Chair of the Board or Lead Independent Director, as applicable, and the Audit Committee Chair.  Other relevant legal or ethical concerns will be referred to the Chair of the Board or Lead Independent Director of Tapestry’s Board.  The Status of all outstanding concerns addressed to the Chair of the Board or Lead Independent Director or the Audit Committee Chair will be reported to the Board of Directors on at least a quarterly basis.  When you submit a report, you have the choice to remain anonymous or identify yourself. Either way, the more detail you provide in your report, the more effectively Tapestry can address your concern. 

The Board of Directors and management team at Tapestry value your input. We appreciate your support and cooperation in upholding the company's core values, principles, philosophies and ethical standards by participating in this process.

Please note that this reporting line is not intended to be used for standard customer service issues or complaints and Tapestry may not respond to any such reports submitted through this system. To report an issue with a product or customer service at any of our brands, please contact our Customer Care Teams as follows:

Coach Customer Care: Call 888-262-6224 or visit

Kate Spade Customer Care: Call 866-999-5283 or visit

Stuart Weitzman Customer Care: Call 877-793-4896 or visit

For matters relating to counterfeit products, please call the anti-counterfeiting hotline at 1-833-768-1778, email your information to or to file a report online, please click on the appropriate brand and you’ll be redirected to the form to report counterfeits: Coach, Kate Spade or Stuart Weitzman.

For Individuals in the European Union the Compliance Reporting System only allows you to report concerns related to financial, accounting or auditing practices of the company, fraud or bribery allegations. If your concern pertains to other types of non-compliance issues, you are encouraged to report them to local management.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EthicsPoint?

EthicsPoint is a comprehensive and confidential reporting tool to assist management and employees to work together to address fraud, abuse, and other misconduct in the workplace, all while cultivating a positive work environment.

May I report using either the Internet or the telephone?

Yes. With EthicsPoint, you have the ability to file a confidential, anonymous report via either the telephone or the Internet. Special restrictions apply to anonymous reporting originating in the European Union.

Which browsers are supported by EthicsPoint?

EthicsPoint supports the latest version of Google Chrome®, Chrome®, Internet Explorer®, Mozilla® and Firefox®. If you are using an older versions of any these browsers, you may experience display and functionality issues.

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