Welcome to the Toyota Speak Up Line (Concern Line)

Toyota’s name is synonymous with quality and integrity. As Toyota team members, we have an obligation to behave in a way that exemplifies the highest standards of ethical behavior and is reflective of the kind of culture we’re trying to build—one that prioritizes our customer by delivering safe and high quality products and encourages people to speak up when we see something in our operations that represents anything less.

While you can always raise concerns to a supervisor, or any member of management or HR, you may also use the Toyota Speak Up Line, a secure, anonymous resource to ask questions or report concerns. Issues that can be reported to the Speak Up Line include those related to product safety, product quality, and questionable ethical and non-compliant behavior. Anyone who reports a concern will be protected from retaliation. However, making a report that is intentionally false is contrary to Toyota’s values and will result in appropriate disciplinary action.