Welcome to the Volvo Group Whistle

Your Concern is Our Concern

Martin Lundstedt
President and CEO

Volvo Group’s products and services play an important role in people’s everyday lives. We want to earn and maintain the trust of all of these people. As a Group we are driven by the conviction that conducting business ethically and in compliance with the law, will build trust with our customers as well as with society and this enhances our commercial success. The focus and foundation of this work is to show our commitment and support of the Volvo Group Code of Conduct by providing a mechanism to hold ourselves accountable to it.

I would like to encourage everyone who works on Volvo Group’s behalf and people outside of the Volvo Group to help us ensure that we do not – in any way, shape or form, or within any part of the company – deflect from that principle.

Martin Lundstedt
President and CEO of Volvo Group

Our Commitment

The Code of Conduct clearly states the expectations for how we do business – not just in a few locations, but everywhere we operate. It is what we stand for and what we expect from everyone who works on Volvo Group’s behalf. The Code of Conduct outlines Volvo Group’s principles and minimum standards for conducting business ethically and in compliance with the law.

You are encouraged to report violations or suspected violations of our Code of Conduct. We urge you to and hope you feel comfortable approaching your manager, or your manager’s manager, or a relevant functional group (like HR, Finance, Legal & Compliance or Security) to voice any concerns you may have. If these options are not convenient or acceptable, you have the option to use the Volvo Group Whistle to report your concerns related to actual or possible violations of our Code of Conduct.

The Volvo Group Whistle is hosted by a third party, NAVEX. Access to information contained therein is limited to a dedicated team within Group Compliance and handled on a strictly confidential basis. You have our guarantee that once you make a report, Volvo Group will investigate the situation and take appropriate actions.

Non-retaliation statement:

If you raise a Volvo Group related concern in good faith (i.e. with an honest and reasonable belief that a misconduct, or a violation of law or policy, or any other non-compliance may have occurred), Volvo Group will not tolerate any retaliation against you. This is true regardless of the outcome of the investigation.