Zoetis Safe to Say Helpline

We’re Counting on You to Always Do the Right Thing

We have many reasons to be proud of our company, none of which would be possible without the commitment of our colleagues and our culture of Core Beliefs that guide our achievements, actions and behaviors every day. At Zoetis, we’ve built our reputation for conducting business ethically by striving to “always do the right thing” for our colleagues, for our business and our customers.

Acting with integrity is essential to Zoetis, and our success depends on your sustained personal commitment to abide by our Core Beliefs and Code of Conduct and to speak up if you see anything that seems to violate our standards. Thank you for your uncompromising commitment to integrity and for living our Core Beliefs in what you do every day.

Kristin Peck
Chief Executive Officer

Tell Us What Happened

All Zoetis colleagues, and the third parties we work with, have a responsibility to report potential or actual violations of law, policy and our Code of Conduct – and to speak up whenever something does not seem right.

Reporting concerns is easy and convenient and you may remain anonymous if you prefer.* To get started, just select your preferred method of getting in touch with us, whether it is by phone, online, or using your mobile device.

Zoetis has dedicated Compliance and Employee Relations Teams committed to making sure that all of your concerns are addressed and resolved objectively and appropriately.

*Please note that local legal requirements may limit the ability of Zoetis to offer anonymous reporting though the Safe to Say Helpline in certain locations.

It’s Safe to Say at Zoetis

No matter where you work around the globe, or what you do for Zoetis, your personal commitment to doing the right thing means everything. You are the eyes and ears of our company, and the best defense when it comes to upholding our commitment to each other, our customers and our stakeholders to “Always Do the Right Thing.”

In raising good faith concerns, please be assured that it is “Safe to Say” at Zoetis because retaliation is strictly prohibited and we stand firm behind this commitment.

To learn more about the “Safe to Say” program and the investigations process, please click on the below links.

Safe to Say Overview

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Investigation Guide

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Safe to Say Helpline Roadmap