JLL stands for uncompromising integrity and the highest ethical conduct. We are proud of the global reputation we have established and are determined to protect and enhance it.

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6 things you need to know about Ethics Everywhere

What is the Helpline?

Our global helpline is a confidential channel through which you can ask questions and raise concerns!
To file a report, provide the requested information after clicking on the icon.

What happens after I contact the Helpline?

Once you submit a question or concern, you will receive a report key and password which can be used to follow up on your submission.

Who does the Code apply to?

The JLL Code of Business Ethics contains the ethics policies that everyone who does business on behalf of our firm must understand and follow.

What are my obligations under the Code?

We rely on you to speak up if you believe that you have observed unethical, illegal or suspicious behavior, or conduct that is in violation of JLL policy or noncompliant with statutory, regulatory or contractual requirements. When you do speak up, you provide the information necessary to investigate and remedy a potentially damaging situation.

Who will receive my report?

This website allows you to report to our management and Board of Directors any suspicion of business misconduct. You can make your report in any of 14 different languages. Each submission is made anonymously (meaning we can’t tell where/whom it comes from) unless you voluntarily tell us who you are when you send it.
All reports we get from this website are immediately sent to our Global Chief Ethics Officer, whose team will investigate all reports received.

What about retaliation?

If you report a possible violation of our Code in good faith or ask questions about our Code, you will not be subject to retaliation for doing so. Retaliation, retribution or harassment against any employee who in good faith asks any questions or raises any concerns regarding our Code is strictly prohibited.