If you have a concern or suspect behaviors that are inconsistent with our Code, policies, or the law, please speak up so that we can take action to address the problem. Every reported concern is taken seriously.

By having the courage to speak up, you can help make things right, strengthening our ethical culture and protecting our people and the company from harm.

Report Online Submit your concern using the secure form Report by Phone Use our toll-free number to report an ethics concern in your own language Ask a Question Get answers to questions about JLL’s Code of Ethics and policies Follow Up Use your issued Report Key and password to follow up on a previously submitted report or concern

Six things you need to know about our Ethics Everywhere Helpline

What is the Ethics Everywhere Helpline?

Our Ethics Everywhere Helpline is a confidential reporting platform available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can ask questions, make suggestions, or raise concerns by calling the Helpline or making an online report by simply clicking on the icon. Anyone can use the Helpline - you do not have to be a JLL employee.

What happens after I contact the Helpline?

When you contact the Helpline via phone or online, you will receive a report key (a unique number) and password which you need to keep safe so you can follow up on your submission, track progress, add further information or answer any follow-up questions.

Anonymous reporters are not notified when the case manager posts a comment or question within our case management platform. Therefore, anonymous reporters are encouraged to log into the platform on a daily basis for updates and to respond to any questions or comments from the case manager.

Can I report anonymously?

We hope that you will identify yourself and if you do, we will take precautions to ensure that your information will only be disclosed to others if absolutely necessary. However, if you do not feel comfortable self-identifying when you report, you can submit your question or concern anonymously. Case managers rely on the reporter to respond to questions and provide additional information to thoroughly investigate your concern. If you wish to remain anonymous when calling our Helpline or for online reports, you will be able to follow up on any updates to your report, provide additional information or documentation and/or respond to questions from the case manager in two ways:

  • By regularly following up on their case by using their report key to login and by providing any additional information requested.
  • By providing an email address when logging a report. Anonymous reporters who provide an email address when logging a report are able to protect their anonymity and have communications from the case manager automatically sent through a portal to their email address. They can be assured that email addresses provided to the independent service provider, which manages our Ethics Everywhere Helpline are not visible to JLL; thus, ensuring anonymity for all anonymous reporters.

A small number of countries restrict anonymous reporting, and if applicable to your location, it will be indicated when you contact the Ethics Everywhere Helpline or begin your online report. If you choose to report without remaining anonymous, your information will only be disclosed on as necessary.

Will my report remain confidential?

Any report you make will be kept confidential to the greatest extent possible. That means that the issue and your identity, as well as cooperating witnesses, will be disclosed only on a need- to- know basis or when otherwise required to be disclosed by applicable laws. We use NAVEX’s EthicsPoint case management system to administer the Ethics Everywhere Helpline. It is hosted on NAVEX’s secure servers and is not part of JLL’s website or intranet. NAVEX does not trace phone calls or use functionality such as caller identification, nor do they log your IP address if you report online.

Who else can I speak to?

We encourage speaking up and offer multiple channels to do so. You should use the channel you feel most comfortable with. This could be your manager or their superior, an Ethics Officer, or someone in Legal, Ethics & Compliance or Human Resources.

What about retaliation?

We do not tolerate any form of retaliation against anyone who asks a question, makes a suggestion or reports a concern, or refuses to do something that violates our Code, policies or the law. It takes courage to speak up – be assured that you will be treated with dignity and respect and not subjected to any form of retaliation.

If you believe that you have been subjected to or have witnessed retaliation, please speak up! Contact an Ethics Officer, or report it through our Ethics Everywhere Helpline.

Employee Assistance Program

If you are a JLL employee and need support at any time during or after an investigation, please reach out to Human Resources, they will provide you with information about the Employee Assistance Program available to you depending on your location. Click here for further information.