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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Accenture Business Ethics Helpline

What is the Accenture Business Ethics Helpline?

Our Business Ethics Helpline is a confidential reporting tool managed by NAVEX through which you can raise any good faith concerns relating to disrespectful, inappropriate, fraudulent, unethical or illegal behavior, including concerns about retaliation. Concerns can be reported online through the website or via telephone. Please note the Business Ethics Helpline should not be used in place of contacting local authorities for emergency situations.

Who is NAVEX?

NAVEX is a third-party company contracted by Accenture to document concerns about potential workplace misconduct. Communication Specialists are available 24-hours a day, every day, to document your concerns, which will then be sent to Accenture’s Corporate Investigations team for proper handling.

Reporting a Concern

How can I make a report?

You can make a report, 24-hours a day, every day, by clicking on "Report a Concern." You will then have the option to report your concerns via the website or by telephone.

What type of concerns should I report?

If you are located in Europe, your ability to report a concern may be limited to specific allegations that significantly impact Accenture. A list of allegations that can be reported for each county is available when you complete the information on the ‘Report a Concern Online’ section of the Business Ethics Helpline website, after which you can make a report online or by phone. You can always raise a concern with your management or other trusted advisor, any Accenture Leader, Human Resources or Legal.

If you have an urgent Information Security Matter, including a lost or stolen laptop or phone, please contact Accenture Security Operations Center (ASOC) Hotline at +1-202-728-0645 (24-hour service staffed by a security professional; accepts collect calls). For Information Security matters related to Accenture Federal Services or its subsidiaries, report it to AFS Help at +1 855-397-1210 Option 2.

For general Human Resources issues that do not involve disrespectful or inappropriate behavior by an Accenture employee or representative, you can submit your request using Accenture’s HR & Payroll Support Website. Such inquiries may include, but are not limited to, questions related to Accenture Policy, Performance Achievement, employee referrals, compensation, career development and other topics of a similar nature. For HR requests within Accenture Federal Services or its subsidiaries, contact AFS Help at +1-855-397-1210 or contact your HR representative.

What happens after my report is made?

NAVEX will prepare a written report of your concern and then the report is sent to Accenture’s Corporate Investigations team for proper handling. The Corporate Investigations team will identify the appropriate team to review the report, which, in addition to Corporate Investigations, may include Human Resources, Employee Relations, Global Asset Protection or other subject matter experts within Accenture.

That team may reach out to you directly or through the Business Ethics Helpline to ensure that they fully understand your concern. They will then take the necessary steps to address your concern.

Any team who receives your report has been trained to handle your report in accordance with Accenture’s non-retaliation and data privacy policies.

Can I report a concern anonymously?

Subject to local law, you do not have to give your name when you make a report in most geographies. Accenture does, however, encourage you to identify yourself when reporting a concern to make the process of investigating and addressing your concern more efficient—as this enables someone to contact you and gather additional information related to the issue that you have raised.

If you provide your name during the reporting process, Accenture will make reasonable efforts to handle your concern confidentially. In addition, Accenture prohibits retaliation against anyone who raises an issue in good faith or cooperates in a company investigation.

What if I remember something important after I make my report? Or what if the company has further questions for me concerning my report?

When you make a report, you will be given a report number and PIN. You will be able to use these details to log into the Business Ethics Helpline to review any messages from the team that has been assigned to review your concern or to provide further information. If you have provided your name, someone will contact you after you have filed your report and you will be able to directly reach out to the team assigned to your report if you have any further information.