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6 things you need to know about EY/Ethics Hotline

Why EY/Ethics?

EY/Ethics provides EY people, clients and others outside of EY with a means to confidentially, and either anonymously or on a disclosed basis, report an activity that may involve unethical or illegal behavior that is in violation of professional standards or otherwise inconsistent with our EY Global Code of Conduct. All reports received will be given careful attention by EY.

When to use EY/Ethics.

EY/Ethics should be used in circumstances where other channels of communication are unavailable or do not appear to be appropriate. If you have a concern, you should first consider raising it directly with an EY partner or other EY professional. If you still believe there is an issue, then please contact EY/Ethics to report your concern.

How to use EY/Ethics.

Reports can be made either online or via the telephone hotline. Before submitting your report, you will be asked to choose a password, and upon submitting your report, you will be given a Report Key. We aim to acknowledge receipt of your report within five days, although a full investigation of the matter may take some further time. We may request additional information from you to assist in our investigation, or we may be able to provide you with an update, so please do return to the site, using your Report Key and password. Please note that in some cases, we are limited in our ability to disclose information arising from our investigation.

Commitment to Anonymity and Confidentiality.

If you request to remain anonymous when making a report, we will respect your request. However, you should be aware that others who are familiar with the situation may be able to guess your identity. We treat your report confidentially, however disclosure to others inside or outside of EY may be required in certain cases, for example, a legal requirement to disclose a report concerning money laundering. Please note in some locations anonymity is not available because of local laws/regulation.

Commitment to Non-Retaliation.

EY encourages people to report concerns regarding client engagements or unethical or illegal behavior, and to protect people who raise such concerns from retaliation. Retaliation is a serious violation of our Global Code of Conduct and any retaliation by an EY person, such as intimidation, is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Who operates EY/Ethics.

EY/Ethics is operated by an independent external organization, NAVEX (www.navex.com), which provides confidential and, if so desired, anonymous hotline reporting solutions for organizations worldwide. NAVEX collects information from the reporter and then passes the report to EY for follow-up and investigation.