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Our Code is anchored in our values and beliefs, and underpins all that we do. You can read our Code and our Values Statement in the documents below.

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About EY/Ethics

The EY/Ethics Hotline is a method for reporting conduct that may be unethical, illegal, in violation of professional standards, or otherwise inconsistent with the EY Global Code of Conduct.

Before contacting EY/Ethics, we encourage you to consider whether or not you can directly raise your concern with someone at EY.

If you do not feel comfortable doing so, or do not know whom to contact, you can make a report to EY on this Web site or alternatively by calling your local EY/Ethics Hotline number.

Your web-based report will be routed initially to EthicsPoint, an independent third party host for the EY/Ethics Hotline. It will then be promptly forwarded by EthicsPoint to the appropriate Quality & Risk Management personnel or internal legal counsel at EY for review and investigation. Calls to EY/Ethics may be answered by EthicsPoint or by EY hotline personnel, depending on the country of contact.

Further information on how to use this website and how EY will respond to your report can be found in Meeting Your Expectations.

EY's Stance on Ethics

At EY, we are committed to delivering quality in everything we do. Our Global Code of Conduct provides an ethical framework on which we base our decisions and our actions - as individuals and as members of our global organization.

EY expects that reports made through the EY/Ethics Hotline are made in good faith and are real and legitimate concerns that the reporter believes should be investigated. All reports submitted will be given careful attention by EY. If you request to remain anonymous when making your report, we will respect your request. We will also treat your report confidentially.

This web page is hosted on EthicsPoint's secure servers and is not part of the EY website or intranet.