Things to know about the Business Practices EthicsLine

May I report using either the Internet or the telephone?

Yes. The Business Practices EthicsLine enables you to file a confidential, anonymous report via either the telephone or the Internet. You also have the option to identify yourself when placing the report.

What types of situations should I report?

The Business Practices vision is that all actions taken in the name of Houston Methodist are consistent with strong moral values, high ethical standards and the law. Any action that violates this vision is considered a Questionable Practice and should be reported. The Business Practices EthicsLine allows employees, vendors and those affiliated with Houston Methodist to report any Questionable Practice, or other concern.

Where do these reports go? Who can access them?

Reports are entered directly on NAVEX’s secure server. Once a report is submitted, it is assigned to specific individuals within Houston Methodist for investigation, based on the type of issue and location of the incident. For HR-related allegations, the report will be referred to HR for investigation. Each of these report recipients has had training in handling these reports in a confidential manner.

Can I file a report from home and still remain anonymous?

A report from home or any Internet portal will remain secure and anonymous. An Internet portal never identifies a visitor by screen name and the Business Practices EthicsLine system strips away Internet addresses so that anonymity is totally maintained.

What if I want to be identified with my report?

There is a section in the report to identify yourself, if you wish. Benefits of identifying yourself, if you are comfortable, include direct communication and partnership with the investigator to answer follow-up questions and assist in the efficient investigation of your concern. Please be reminded you are protected from retaliation for reporting a questionable practice or concern in good faith by Houston Methodist policy and federal and state laws.

What if I have additional information to add after I file the report?

When you file a report online or via telephone, you receive a unique, randomized number called a “Report Key” and are asked to choose a password. You can return to the Business Practices EthicsLine system again either by Internet or telephone and access the original report to add more detail or answer questions posed by a Houston Methodist representative. We strongly suggest that you return to the site periodically to check if the investigator is requesting additional information.