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What is SpeakUp?

SpeakUp is a confidential and secure channel for you to report concerns related to Corporate Policies, the Code of Conduct, the law, or other compliance and ethics matters. You may also report concerns to your People Leader, HR, People Matters, or the Office of the General Counsel (“OGC”).

If desired, you may report anonymously. While all concerns will be taken seriously, Ford’s investigation process is best facilitated when you provide as much information about your concern as possible.

For additional reporting channels for employees please refer to our policy while using VPN.

What is the process?

See a breakdown of the reporting process here.


Ford does not tolerate retaliation. Retaliation against individuals who report a concern in good faith, participate in an investigation or are a witness in any investigation, is strictly prohibited.

Ford Motor Company is recognized around the world as a leader in corporate ethics and social responsibility. That is an accomplishment we should all be proud of, and it is something we should never take for granted. We earn our reputation as a good corporate citizen every day, in everything we do, by leading with our values. Ethical behavior begins with treating all members of our extended family of employees, suppliers and customers with fairness and respect. It is more than compliance with the law.

Bill Ford
Executive Chair

Ford Motor Company has strong and enduring values: we compete like a challenger, care for each other, and treat customers like family. Among our core principles is a commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct in business and in the workplace. That means doing the right thing and speaking up whenever we have a concern that someone might be violating our Code of Conduct, policies, or the law. Staying true to our values is everyone’s responsibility. When we act ethically as individuals and as a company, everybody wins.

Jim Farley
President and Chief Executive Officer