Welcome to the Canadian Pacific A-Line (Alert Line) 

Reporting Concerns

At Canadian Pacific (CP), we believe in operating ethically in all circumstances and at all times. Our commitment to ethical business practice is reflected in CP's Code of Business Ethics (COBE) and throughout our programs. Employees are required to uphold the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and professionalism when performing their duties and responsibilities as representatives of CP.

We ask that you speak up if you know or suspect any unethical or improper behavior and recommend the below hierarchy when reporting a concern:

  1. Your immediate manager
  2. Human Resources at (403) 319-7090
  3. Employee Relations (particularly workplace harassment, violence, or discrimination related complaints) at Employee_Relations_Canada@cpr.ca or Employee_RelationsUS@cpr.ca
  4. Legal Services, the Office of the Corporate Secretary by email at OCS@cpr.ca
  5. The Internal Audit Department by email to CP_Internal_Audit@cpr.ca

However, if the matter involves a violation of a specific CP policy, report the matter in accordance with the reporting procedure, if any, set out in the relevant policy. If you are uncomfortable reporting the issue to any of the above alternatives, you should report it through the A-Line.

The A-Line is a confidential and anonymous communication channel available to all CP employees and stakeholders 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. It is managed by an independent third party, NAVEX's EthicsPoint.

It is safe to disclose your identity when filing a report. When you disclose your identity, it enables us to contact you to gather additional details required to complete the review and take appropriate corrective measures.

It may be necessary to use all the information you disclose to investigate or handle a complaint.