DXC Technology is committed to ethical business practices, complying with the laws in all countries where DXC conducts business and providing a professional work environment. Our values and Code of Conduct establish the expectation that employees and everyone working with or on behalf of DXC seek advice regarding appropriate conduct and raise concerns regarding known or suspected misconduct. In this context, "misconduct" is any action inconsistent with our values or any action which would violate our Code, DXC policy or the law.

Non-Retaliation Statement

DXC expressly forbids retaliation, direct or indirect, against any employee who in good faith reports misconduct or participates in an investigation of misconduct. Know that we take retaliation claims seriously and investigate any concerns that are raised. Anyone found to have engaged in retaliatory actions will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.


DXC is committed to conducting a fair and thorough review of all actionable concerns, to maintaining employee confidence and confidentiality to the extent the law permits and to protecting employee personal data, as appropriate and in accordance with DXC's Privacy Policy and the SpeakUp Privacy Notice. Your continued use of the SpeakUp Line is an acknowledgment and acceptance of the terms outlined therein.