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CSC Policies

Select Management and HR policies are listed below.

Management Policy Statements (click to see the full policy listing)

  • MPS 001 - Ethical and Legal Business Conduct
  • MPS 005 - Corporate Responsibility
  • MPS 010 - Global Anti-Corruption and Improper Payments
  • MPS 030 - Social Media
  • MPS 301 - Environmental, Health and Safety Programs
  • MPS 404 - Third-Party Commercial Intermediary Selection - Due Diligence - Contracting - and Administration
  • MPS 408 - Gifts, Hospitality, and Contributions
  • MPS 503 - Political Contributions
  • MPS 505 - Compliance with Antitrust Laws
  • MPS 506 - International Trade
  • MPS 507 - Global Privacy and Data Protection
  • MPS 508 - Insider Trading
  • MPS 509 - Integrity in Government Procurements: Employment Discussions with and Hiring of Federal Employees as Employees or Consultants
  • MPS 609 - Encryption of Critical or Sensitive Information
  • MPS 706 - Financial Disclosures to the Public
  • MPS 714 - Employee Timekeeping
  • MPS 715 - Summary of Internal Control Policies
  • MPS 802 - Conflicts of Interest
  • MPS 810 - Ethics of Buying
  • MPS 814 - Improper Business Practices - Kickbacks
  • MPS 902 - Records and Information Management Policy

Human Resources Policies (click to see the full policy listing)

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Our Commitment to Ethics

CSC is committed to engaging in ethical business practices, complying with the laws in all countries where CSC conducts business, and providing a proper and professional work environment. CSC promotes an open exchange between employees and all levels of management through its Open Door Policy (HRMP 205). Employees are obligated by CSC's Code of Business Conduct (Code) to report known or suspected violations of the Code, of CSC policy, or of any law in any CSC jurisdiction. Several reporting channels are available to you, including:

  • Your local supervisor or manager
  • Your department or function head
  • Your local human resources manager, or an HR representative at a higher level
  • CSC's Ethics and Compliance Office (
  • The CSC OpenLine

Confidentiality and No Retaliation

Although you may feel reluctant to raise a concern or ask a question about known or suspected misconduct, CSC offers multiple communication channels so you may choose a method of communication that is most comfortable to you. And in its efforts to resolve reported issues, the company limits distribution of and access to reported information to only the personnel who need it to properly investigate. CSC is committed to conducting a fair and thorough review of all reported concerns, to maintaining employee confidence and confidentiality to the extent the law permits, and to protecting employee personal data, as appropriate. CSC expressly forbids any direct or indirect retaliation for reports or communications made in good faith or for an employee's participation in an investigation of misconduct. In some cases and in many countries, you may make a report anonymously.

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