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DXC Technology is committed to ethical business practices, complying with the laws in all countries where DXC conducts business, and providing a professional work environment. Our values and Code of Conduct establish the expectation that employees and everyone working with, or on behalf of DXC, seek advice related to business ethics and conduct policies and raise concerns regarding known or suspected misconduct. In this context, “misconduct” is any action inconsistent with our values or which would violate the Code, DXC policy, or the law.

DXC’s SpeakUp! program provides various channels for employees and representatives to ask questions and submit concerns. Such reports may be made openly, confidentially, and/or anonymously, as allowable by law to:

  • Your manager, “skip-level” manager, or any other individual in your management chain
  • The Ethics & Compliance mailbox,
  • The SpeakUp! mailbox,
  • The OpenLine, DXC’s always available, confidential, anonymous, toll-free and web-enables advice and reporting channel
  • Internal Audit

Confidentiality, Anonymity, and DXC’s Stance on Retaliation

DXC knows there may be some reluctance to ask questions or report misconduct. For this reason, DXC offers multiple channels for you to find comfort. In some cases and in many countries, you may make a report anonymously. And in our efforts to resolve reported issues, DXC controls access to reported information, allowing its distribution to only those who need it to properly investigate.

DXC expressly forbids retaliation, direct or indirect, against any employee who in good faith reports misconduct or participates in a company investigation of misconduct.

DXC is committed to conducting a fair and thorough review of all actionable concerns, to maintaining employee confidence and confidentiality to the extent the law permits, and to protecting employee personal data, as appropriate and in accordance with DXC’s Privacy Policy and the OpenLine Notice also available on the top header on this page. With your continued use of the OpenLine reporting channel you acknowledge to the terms outlined therein.