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NIKE, Inc. firmly believes in – and advocates for – a culture where all employees feel respected and included. We know we are strongest when everyone's voice is heard and when we are all aligned to a shared future and connected to our values with a true sense of belonging. We urge every employee to speak up if they experience something that does not align with NIKE's values and policies.

NIKE does not tolerate retaliation against any employee who reports in good faith a suspected violation of law or policy, or who participates in any investigation of a reported concern.

Through this site, you may report actual or suspected misconduct or concerns relating to NIKE's Code of Ethics; including, but not limited to, harassment, retaliation, discrimination, conflict of interest, corruption, accounting, financial reporting, fraud, theft, discount and comp product abuse, health, safety, privacy and protection of information. You can also use this site to follow up on a prior report, or ask questions relating to NIKE's Code of Ethics and related policies.

For all reporting on this site, NIKE has partnered with an external issue reporting firm. NAVEX collects reports and routes them to the correct channels at NIKE (Legal, Human Resources or Employee Relations). If you choose to remain anonymous, no identifying information will be passed along to NIKE with your report (with the exception of Spain and Portugal, which has specific legal requirements).

Please do not use this channel to report emergencies. In case of an emergency, contact local authorities immediately.

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This is where you file a report; you can share your name or remain anonymous.

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Ask a Question

If you have a question about reporting a concern or on NIKE's Code of Ethics and related policies, ask us.

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Follow Up

Click here to follow up on a concern you reported or question you asked.

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