Frequently Asked Questions


What is The ADM Way Helpline?

The ADM Way Helpline is a 24-hour helpline operated by an independent third party service provider called NAVEX Global. Through its comprehensive and confidential reporting tool known as EthicsPoint, you are given the opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns confidentially, in your own language and even, if desired, anonymously (where allowed by law).

The ADM Way Helpline is available in multiple languages and several countries, please click here to view direct-dial and access codes by country. Reaching an operator in your language may take a few minutes, please be patient while the appropriate interpreter is selected.

When should I use The ADM Way Helpline?

We encourage you to talk to your supervisor, manager or local HR representative if you suspect improper, unethical or illegal actions or situations that may be out of compliance with ADM policy or local laws and regulations. If you feel you cannot talk to anyone at your location, or if doing so has not resolved the issue, contact The ADM Way Helpline.

What types of issues or concerns should I report using The ADM Way Helpline?

The ADM Way Helpline is appropriate to use when reporting suspected violations of The ADM Way, our Code of Conduct, or local laws and regulations. Examples include, but are not limited to, fraud, safety and environmental concerns, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, falsification of documents, and theft.

Reports or complaints received from member states of the European Union are limited to issues or concerns about accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing matters, bribery and corruption, and banking and financial crimes. The Helpline may be used to raise concerns that fall outside these areas if there is an imminent or critical threat to the vital interests of ADM, or where there is a real risk to the health and safety of employees.

What if this is an emergency?

If this is an emergency, such as an immediate threat of physical harm or damage to property, please contact 9-1-1 or your local emergency services. In addition to contacting 9-1-1 and/or your local emergency services, you may also call ADM Global Security at +1 217-451-5205 or email:

Can I report my concern anonymously?

Yes, you may remain anonymous, where local law permits you to do so. Please note that some countries regulate the use of an anonymous reporting service. If you choose to report anonymously, you will receive a report key and password. Please retain this information and follow-up frequently, as we won’t have another way of communicating with you. However, we encourage you to identify yourself and any others involved, because this enables us to conduct a thorough review or investigation, and to directly follow-up with you and others.

The identity of the person making the report, the nature of the report itself, and the name(s) of individuals involved and/or participating in the investigation will be kept confidential and only shared on a limited need-to-know basis as necessary to conduct a full and fair investigation, or as legally required by law.

Am I protected against retaliation?

Yes. ADM does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who has made a good faith report of possible misconduct.

I am concerned that the information I provide through the Helpline will ultimately reveal my identity. How can you assure me that will not happen?

The EthicsPoint system is designed to protect your anonymity. However, if you wish to remain anonymous, as a reporting party, you need to ensure that the body of the report does not reveal your identity by accident. ADM has been very careful in selecting EthicsPoint to provide this important service to you.

What if my direct manager or other managers are involved in a violation? Will they get the report?

No. The system and report distribution are designed to maintain confidentiality so that implicated parties are not notified or granted access to reports in which they have been named.

What if I want to be identified with my report?

There is a section in the report for identifying yourself, if you wish.

Who will I speak to when I call the Helpline?

A trained, third-party representative from NAVEX Global will receive your call and record relevant information. They will confirm with you that they have documented your concerns correctly and assign a case number and PIN code. Be sure to take note of your case number and PIN code as these numbers will be required to follow-up on your report. The representative will create a report and send it to ADM’s Compliance Department. You may call the ADM Way Helpline to follow-up on the progress of your report.

Will the calls be recorded?

No, calls are neither recorded nor traced.

Is the call really free?

Yes. Compliance has conducted tests around the globe and confirms that calls are a free service.

Who has access to my report and does my report remain confidential?

Information contained in a Helpline report, regardless of whether it is anonymous, is only shared on a strict need-to-know basis. The information will be kept confidential, except as needed to conduct a full and fair investigation or comply with law.

How long will the investigation take?

The length of investigations depends on several factors, including the complexity of issues, the number of issues raised, and availability of persons involved for investigations. The Compliance team endeavors to complete all investigations expediently, and when possible, within 30 days.

What happens after I make a report through the Helpline?

All Helpline reports will be initially reviewed and evaluated by the Compliance Department. Depending upon the nature of the allegation, the investigation may be conducted by a professional from the Human Resources, Security, Audit, Legal, and/or Compliance Department, or by an outside firm.

How can I monitor the progress of my report?

At the end of your telephone call or web-based report, EthicsPoint will provide you with a report key and ask you to create a password. You may call the Helpline or visit the EthicsPoint website periodically after you make your initial report. At that time, you may check the progress of your report or learn whether any additional information is needed from you to address your concern.

Are there limitations to the use of the Helpline in some countries?

In certain countries and regions, local laws may prohibit or discourage anonymous reporting through employee helplines such as The ADM Way Helpline or permit only certain types of reports, such as accounting, financial, auditing and bribery matters. Employees from these countries will be advised of such limitations when contacting the Helpline. If necessary, they should report their concern through one of the other available reporting channels.

What if my suspicions of misconduct were not proven to be correct?

It does not matter if your report was shown to be unfounded, or your suspicions did not turn out to be true, provided you made the report in good faith. ADM does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who has made a good faith report of possible misconduct.

What if I do not have a report to make and I need to make an inquiry on other matter(s)?

For support on ADM Code of Conduct policies and procedure, you may contact the Global Compliance Department via email or by completing the inquiry link – click here for the inquiry link.

For support or general questions about ADM benefits, you may contact Human Resources via email

Tips and Best Practices

I am aware of some individuals involved with unethical conduct, but it doesn't affect me. Why should I report it?

ADM chooses to promote ethical behavior. All unethical conduct, at any level, ultimately hurts the company and all employees, including you. If you know of any incidents of misconduct or ethical violations, consider it your duty to yourself and your coworkers to report it.

I am not sure if what I have observed or heard is a violation of company policy or involves unethical conduct, but it just does not look right to me. What should I do?

Through the Helpline, EthicsPoint can help you prepare and file your report so it can be properly understood. We would rather you report a situation that turns out to be harmless than let possibly unethical behavior go unchecked because you were unsure.

What if I remember something important about the incident after I file the report?

When you file a report, either using the Internet or through Helpline, you receive a unique report key and are asked to select a password. With the report key and your password, you can return to the EthicsPoint system again, either by Internet or telephone, and access the original report. At that point, you can add more details.

What if you have questions for me concerning my report?

EthicsPoint provides functionality that enables company representatives to post questions for you, even if you report anonymously. When you receive your report key, you will be provided with the amount of time we expect for the report to be processed. When that time has passed, we strongly suggest you check to see if any questions have been posted. Providing the opportunity for such dialogue means situations may not only be identified but can also be resolved, no matter how complex.

Are these follow-ups on reports as secure as the first one?

All EthicsPoint correspondences are held in the same strict confidence as the initial report, continuing under the umbrella of anonymity, if you so choose (and where permitted by local laws).

Can I still file a report if I don’t have access to the Internet?

You can file an EthicsPoint report from any computer that can access the Internet. You can file from home. Many public locations, including most public libraries, have Internet computers. If you don’t have access or are uncomfortable using a computer, you can call the EthicsPoint toll-free hotline which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What should I do if the telephone number is not working?

If the telephone number listed is not functioning, please make your report online through this website. Please indicate in the report that the telephone number did not work.

What should I do if the country I am in is not listed above?

If there is no service for your location, please make your report online through this website. Please indicate in the report that dialing instructions for the country you are located in were not available.