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To Make a Report

(Select the appropriate category from the list below)

Accounting & Financial

Accounting and Auditing Matters, Falsification of Contracts, Reports or Records, Fraud, Improper Giving or Receiving of Gifts, Improper Supplier or Contractor Activity, Misuse of Donor Funds, Scholarship / Financial Aid Misconduct, Theft / Embezzlement, Waste, Abuse or Misuse of Institute Resources, or other similar issues.

Human Resources

Discrimination or Harassment, EEOC or ADA Matters, Employee Complaint or Grievance, Employee Misconduct, Falsification of Employment Documentation, HIPAA, Sexual Harassment, Substance Abuse, Unsafe Working Conditions, Violence or Threat, Whistleblower Retaliation, or other similar issues.

Athletics Compliance

Fraudulent Activities, Improper Giving or Gifts, Inappropriate Activities, Misuse of Assets, Players or Endorsements, Recruiting Misconduct, Scholarship / Financial Aid Misconduct, Sexual Misconduct, Substance Abuse, or other similar issues.

Health, Risk and Safety Matters

Child Safety Matters, Environmental and Safety Matters, HIPAA, Improper Supplier or Contractor Activity, Patient / Rights Care, Patient Abuse/Physical or Verbal, Public Safety, Sabotage or Vandalism, Terrorism, Unsafe Working Conditions, Waste, Abuse or Misuse of Institute Resources, or other similar issues.

Data Security & Information Technology

Confidentiality, Data Privacy / Integrity, Disclosure of Confidential Information, Falsification of Contracts, Reports or Records, Fraud, Improper Supplier or Contractor Activity, Malicious/Inappropriate Use of Technology, Misuse of Resources, Software Piracy/ Intellectual Property Infringement, or other similar issues.

JCCC Foundation

Theft, fraud, or inappropriate use of JCCC Foundation resources; intentional misreporting of financial transactions; unauthorized access to, or disclosure of, JCCC Foundation data; mishandling of donor funds, including uses not in accordance with donor’s wishes; improper solicitation of gifts; or any other matter of concern with the operations of the JCCC Foundation.

To Follow-up on a Report (Click Here)

Johnson County Community College (JCCC) has selected EthicsPoint to provide a simple, anonymous way for employees and other concerned individuals to confidentially report activities that may involve unethical or inappropriate activities in violation of JCCC’s or the JCCC Foundation’s policies. You may Continue on this site or by calling toll-free at (888) 779-8076.

JCCC considers employee concerns very important and desires your cooperation in resolving such issues. However, the EthicsPoint reporting system does not replace or supersede existing reporting methods on campus. The college strongly encourages employees to report concerns directly through normal lines of communication.

Our Commitment

JCCC asserts that reports submitted via EthicsPoint will be handled promptly and discretely. No retaliatory action will be taken against anyone for reporting or inquiring in good faith about JCCC’s policies or seeking guidance on how to handle suspected breaches. Reports submitted through EthicsPoint will be given careful attention by JCCC and will be dealt with in the appropriate manner. Employees are expected to use good judgment in the use of this reporting system.

Issues Regarding Students

Students are encouraged to contact the office of the Vice President of Student Success & Engagement with questions and concerns.

Additional information may be found in the JCCC student handbook.

JCCC K.O.P.S. – Keeping Our People Safe

If you want to report strange, unusual or criminal behavior at any college-owned or operated facility, event or activity, please connect to the K.O.P.S. report site or call 1-888-258-3230.

JCCC Student Complaints

If you want to report a student complaint, please connect to the Student report site.