Report a concern by phone

It takes courage to speak up and share details of any actions or behaviours you believe are inconsistent with our Code, global policies and standards. We’ll listen and protect your confidentiality.

Please select the country where you are located for the telephone number.

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What should I do if the telephone number is not working?

The SpeakUp telephone numbers typically work best when calling from a landline. If you called from a mobile and it did not work, try again from a landline if possible. If you are still unable to get through please make your report online through this website. Please state in your report that the telephone number did not work.

What should I do if the country I am in is not listed above?

If there is no service for your location, make your report online through this website. Indicate in the report that dialing instructions for the country you are located in were not available.

SpeakUp is not an emergency service. If you are worried about any immediate threat please speak to your emergency services.